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About the Photographs

Photos and puzzles indicate the photographer in the copyright information. The gallery contains pictures from members. This section only refers to photos by Dotty Storer.

My early photographs were taken with a Kodak DC 3400 Zoom Digital Camera. I now use an Olympus E-3 camera with a variety of lenses.

Many of the photos were digitally enhanced by The Gimp and/or DC Enhancer or Photo-Brush. I now use Photoshop CS6. Gimp and DC Enhancer are free image editing tools. DC Enhancer quickly adjusts colors. The Gimp was used to retouch, adjust colors, add effects, resize and compress the images. I used the windows version of The Gimp. The Gimp has similar functionality to Adobe PhotoShop and you can use books about PhotoShop to learn Gimp. You can purchase Adobe PhotoShop at Photo-Brush is shareware by the makers of DC Enhancer. I used Photo-Brush mostly for perspective correction before Gimp included this functionality. Photoshop is now available as a paid onine version. I use an old version of Photoshop and have taken Photoshop classes at my local community college.

It's amazing what can be achieved by digitally enhancing a photograph. Photos can be combined to create a new image or altered into an abstract image. The butterfly on the Bromeliad, above, was created from the two original photos on the left. The photo below of a wall on a Hindu temple was used to create the Kaleidoscope. Note the faces in the enlarged Kaleidoscope.


You may use the images by Dotty Storer for personal use, including personal websites with no affiliates or paid advertising without any charge, if you include a reference to JigCard Gallery at You may use the following html code:

<a href="">JigCard Gallery</a>

For business use, please .

About this Website

This website grew out of my love for jigsaws and computer programming. I first developed Dotty's Virtual Jigsaws, with over 100 reviews of virtual jigsaw puzzles plus sample jigsaws to play online. I bought a digital camera so I could take my own pictures for online jigsaw puzzles and discovered the joy of photography.

Access databases control much of the site. ASP, SQL, vbscript, javascript and html are the technologies used. I first started using Brinkster as a free website host when learning XML and later ASP. I upgraded to premium Brinkster membership for this website and later moved it to LFC Hosting.

Jig Card Gallery was launched on November 22, 2001. It will continue to grow with more photos and functionality.

About Dotty

Dotty Storer is a web developer and amateur photographer. As a former programmer and systems manager, she has over 30 years of experience in programming. Dotty is now retired but continues operating her own websites as a hobby.

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