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Email Address Cloaker

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Hate spam? Many webmasters are afraid to put their email address on their site for fear that internet spiders will find it and send them more spam.

Use the Email Address Cloaker script to hide your email address from roving bots while creating a link for your visitors to easily email you.

Replace the sample subject, email address and text for the link below and press the Create Html button to generate your own customized Email Address Cloaker. Scroll down the page to see the generated code. Breaking up your email address and hiding it in a script keeps it safe from robots.


Subject of your email:
The subject may be blank.

Your email address:
I respect your privacy. Your email address will only be used to create the Email Address Cloaker. It will not be saved or shared.

Text for your link:

Press the button:

Test by clicking this link: . It is now customized for you.

Copy the html generated to your webpage:

Optionally, include this link on your site:

I'd love to have you link to my Resources page, but it is not required to use the Cloaker.

Test your html on your local computer.

Upload the html to your webserver and test it there too.

With the Email Address Cloaker, your email address is protected. Spammers can no longer harvest your email address from your website.

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