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Title: Grey Crowned Crane
Picture credit: Clix
Picture from: Stock Xchng
Published under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike License


Select options for the jigsaw puzzle

Select colors for the puzzle background and center frame by clicking the small circle within the desired color. Do not choose the same color for both background color and frame. Select other options by clicking the little down arrow for an option list. Members can enter any number for the number of pieces, limited only by the memory on their computer. See further instructions below.

Background color

Frame color
Number of pieces
Display picture
See How to set up using my own sounds for the online puzzles.
Size of puzzle x
If javascript is allowed, the puzzle size will automatically be calculated but you may change it if desired. How are the puzzle size options used in the online puzzles?


Click the down arrows for a list of option selections. Select the desired options for the jigsaw puzzle and press the Create Jigsaw button to start the puzzle.

Members may change their default options.


See Frequently Asked Questions if you have a problem playing the puzzles. The most common problem, freezing of the puzzle, is solved by downloading the latest version of Java (1.5 or later. 1.6 or later for Vista users).

This puzzle is also available as a Daily Jigsaw Service which provides a free daily online puzzle for your website.

The jigsaw applet is from icaPuz.

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