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  • Cacheman - Windows memory manager
  • Cafe Press - Sell products with your own artwork, music, software or content.
    Design and Sell Merchandise Online for Free
  • Double the speed of your PC!- Discover the most amazing secrets to speed up and optimize your PC in minutes!
  • Gimp - Free graphics editor. Similar to PhotoShop.
  • HtmlKit - Powerful free editor with many plug-ins for the web language you use.
  • icaPuz - Jigsaw applet. This is my favorite puzzle because the piece shape and layout is different each time you play the puzzle. See my review of icaPuz jigsaws.
  • LFC Hosting - My website host. I'm pleased with their prices and service.
  • PayPal - I am very pleased with PayPal's service for processing credit cards and subscriptions. Their low prices allow me to pass the savings on to my members and customers.
    Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.
  • PhotoBrush - Edit and retouch images.
  • RSS directories
  • StatCountX and TableEditoR - Powerful free website statistics and table editor from 2eNetWorx.

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