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Use the Tell-A-Friend link generator and graphic to generate a link for your visitors to tell a friend about your website. Visitors, who have defined a default mail application in their browser, will click the link to compose an email with your subject and message.

Replace the sample subject and message body below and press the Create Html button to generate your own customized Tell-A-Friend. Scroll down the page to see the generated code.

animated face with megaphone links to Tell-A-Friend email
Tell a friend
Subject of your email:

Body of your email:
Hint - Make it generic. Include your site's URL.

Press the button:

Test by clicking the Tell-A-Friend graphic above. It is now customized with your own email subject and message.

Copy the html generated to your webpage:

Also include this link somewhere on the same webpage:

Copy the Tell-A-Friend graphic above by right-clicking it and clicking Save Picture As. Name the graphic TellAFriend.gif and save it in the same directory as your html file.

Test your html on your local computer.

Upload the html and graphic to the same directory on your webserver.

Tell-A-Friend is copyrighted by Dotty Storer. You may use it on your commercial or personal website if you include the link to JigCard Webmaster Resources, described above, on the same webpage.

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